In this review I'm going to teach you 12 ways to research CBD oil.   and avoid scams.This should take you no longer than 20 minutes to do.1) You want CBD…

In this review I’m going to teach you 12 ways to research CBD oil.   and avoid scams.

This should take you no longer than 20 minutes to do.

1) You want CBD oil that has come from organic hemp.  

This should be very clear on the bottle or on the company’s website.   You are doing this to avoid any genetically modified strains, or any strains that have been grown using pesticides.

The other reason you want assurances on the origin of the Hemp, is because you want to stick to hemp grown in the country you’re buying the CBD oil in,  as much as possible. The logic behind this is that the hemp has traveled less and is likely to be fresher.

If the origin of the Hemp isn’t clear,  that’s a red flag.

2)  Go for CBD oil with very low levels of THC.

Ideally 0.3% or less.   

This is the widely accepted legal limit in most countries and most States in the US.  

THC is the psychoactive substance in cannabis and is the reason why cannabis is a controlled substance.  

I suggest you look into the legal limit in your country or state and make sure the products you buy do not exceed this limit.

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3) No excessive additives.

CBD oil is a naturally stable substance.   

So there’s no obvious reason to add 20 different additives to it.   Adding flavor is fine, but we don’t want to see a long list of chemicals on the label.

4) Laboratory reports

You really need to buy brands that supply you with laboratory reports for every batch.

 Stay away from Brands that do not supply laboratory reports  at all.

Some brands supply lab reports on request,  which is inconvenient, but fine. 

If the company tells you they don’t do lab reports at all,  I would advise you not to buy from them.

Laboratory reports are crucial for:

  1. knowing how much CBD is actually in your bottle
  2. knowing the level of THC,  which is crucial legally.

Be cautious about companies that provide sample laboratory reports.   These tend to be  one-off samples, that could’ve been done months ago, and don’t tell you anything about your batch.

Insist on a lab report for the batch that you are about to buy, not some sample batch done 6 months ago.

5) Full spectrum CBD

Or as full as possible.   

Cannabis contains many Compounds with reported medicinal benefits,  such as Terpenes – and we would like our CBD oil to be as wholesome as possible by containing some of these other compounds.   

But be careful that you still want to keep the THC levels as low as we indicated earlier.  It’s a fine balance.

6) Poor labeling

Always examine the label of the bottle.   If you spot spelling mistakes or grammatical errors,  you should be worried. Off course errors can happen to the best of us, but  not repeatedly.

What would be really worrying,  are missing expiry dates, batch numbers  or storage instructions. There is no excuse for these.

7) The variety of formulations they offer

Unless the company is very new,  they should have some variety in their shop.   

As well as CBD oil, they should have gummies, tinctures,  vapes and so on.

This shows the company is serious and is in this business for the long haul.   And it also shows that they are passionate about this field.

Companies with a one page websites, selling one product, should raise your suspicion and prompt you to research them more thoroughly.

8) About Us page

Every company should have this page.   

It should contain some information about the company and their team.   

This gives confidence to the buyer that there are real people behind the company. People who they can turn to if they have any queries or questions.   

It also builds a connection between the company and the customer so that their contact doesn’t become just a one-off transaction.

9) Do a test email

By this I mean, send the company an email asking them some generic question.   

It can be about anything; how long shipping takes or the variety of flavors they offer.  

The purpose is not to get the answer to this question,  but it’s to see if they reply to you and how long they take to reply.  

 Off course, if a company does not reply to you at all, you shouldn’t engage with them.   Because what confidence do you have that if something was to go wrong, you would be able to get hold of them? 

Very little.

By the way, You can get the contact email of most websites on their homepage.   If you can’t find a way to contact them, that’s an enormous red flag itself.

10) Reviews

When it comes to reviews it’s very difficult with CBD products.   Because in my opinion the most robust review platform on the internet is Amazon,  and Amazon doesn’t sell any CBD products – perhaps 1 or 2 brands.

So your only option is to check for any horror stories on Google search,  but bear in mind that any negative stories about a particular brand may have been written by a rival brand; looking to discredit them.

Looking for news of lawsuits is also a good idea.   

And by the way, don’t pay any attention to the reviews on the company’s website.   They tend to be exaggerated and, probably fake.

I have seen some crazy reviews, like 14000 reviews,  all of them 5 Stars! 

Which is statistically, virtually impossible.

11) Health benefit claims.

CBD products that do not have a licence cannot claim any medicinal benefits,  because they have not been tested and evaluated clinically.

A company breaching this rule,  either doesn’t know about the law, or even worse, they are deliberately breaking the law – you should definitely avoid them.

Most reputable companies, now put and health disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage and other pages,  and this is what you want to see.

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12) Website

You really must visit the company’s website before you buy any CBD oil from a company.   

The company website can tell you so much. A good website should go into detail about the origin of the CBD oil,  the company’s history and their Vision.

They shouldn’t make any obvious mistakes on their website like making health claims.   And they should have a Blog page where they share knowledge about the topic of CBD oil and medicinal cannabis.   

The website should appear professional and easy to navigate, with clear pricing and labeling.

Look out for returns policy and Shipment times.   Also check if the domain is secure. you can tell this by looking at the URL of the website which should start with HTTP s.

So never buy from a company without visiting their website and browsing for a few minutes at least.

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