Grow me shampoo – does it work? [2019 update]

Can a shampoo regrow hair? This is what Watermans Grow me shampoo and conditioner manufacturers are promising. in this article I will look at those claims,  and together, we will…

Grow me shampoo uk

Can a shampoo regrow hair?

This is what Watermans Grow me shampoo and conditioner manufacturers are promising.

in this article I will look at those claims,  and together, we will decide if it is worth trying Watermans shampoo and conditioner.

Let’s start with some background science on hair loss to see where Grow me shampoo fits in.

What causes hair loss? In men and women.

Before we analyse Watermans Grow me shampoo it is worth going over the causes of hair loss.

The term “hair loss”  is very Broad.

There is genetic hair loss,  known as androgenic alopecia.   This form of hair loss usually runs in families.

There is also alopecia areata,  which is probably caused buy an immune reaction.   This form of hair loss can appear suddenly and result in total hair loss or partial hair loss.

Traction alopecia is caused by the styling of the hair, causing it to gradually recede due to the mechanical pulling.  For example, in people who style their hair by braiding or as cornrows.

The hair loss refer to in this article is androgenic alopecia.

This is caused by the miniaturization of hair follicles due to the effects of hormones such as testosterone and DHT.  This can affect both men and women although it is more common in men.    Over time the hair follicles  starts to produce hair which is fainter and thinner until eventually the hair follicle completely dies out.

Grow-me shampoo – Made in UK.

The first thing to say about this shampoo is that it is made in Britain.

you may ask,  so what?

Well,  in Britain we have  some of the most strict regulations when it comes to products in the beauty and Healthcare Market.   So we can have high confidence that this product is at the very least safe,  and hopefully also effective.

Without being  presumptuous,  I would not have such confidence if this shampoo was made in the Far East for example.

The packaging of Grow me shampoo

I really love the packaging of this shampoo.   The black bottle gives an air of sophistication and quality.   Together with the white labelling,  It just gives a feel of professionalism.

It almost looks like an expensive whiskey bottle!

The price of Grow me shampoo

The shampoo alone costs around £13  Stirling.   And the shampoo and conditioner set cost around £23.70.   So this shampoo is at the top end of the price range in terms of shampoos and conditioners.

These prices are correct at the time of publishing this article.

The ingredients of Grow Me shampoo

The main active ingredients in this shampoo are:


Lupin protein

Argan oil


Minoxidilmax: Hair loss kings!

Does Grow Me shampoo work?

Let’s look at the science.

Let’s remember what this shampoo promises;  which is written in big letters on the front of the bottle. It promises to regrow your hair And strengthen your hair follicles.

So we would expect the ingredients to have good scientific evidence that they regrow hair.

In my research,  I found scientific evidence supporting only caffeine,  in terms of proven ability to regrow hair.   I could not find evidence for any of the other ingredients.

But before you rush to conclusions,  consider this.

The other ingredients in this shampoo,  such as Argan oil and Lupin protein,  are extremely good for hair.

There may be little evidence that they regrow hair so far,  but they are full of nutrition and goodness which may make a tremendous difference to hair and scalp health.

It is also quite interesting to note,  that the manufacturers of Grow me shampoo only list scientific evidence supporting caffeine on their website.

And by the way,  I really like  how the manufacturers of the shampoo have published scientific evidence on their website.  I think it’s something that more manufacturers should do on their websites.

Customer feedback review of Grow Me shampoo

The company behind grow me shampoo put huge emphasis In gaining as much good press as possible.   There are some remarkable stories of the results achieved by people using Grow me shampoo.

one story in the mailonline (UK online newspaper) mentions the remarkable transformation of a woman who went completely bald in her teens.   Then at the age of 40,  this woman regrew all her hair thanks to this shampoo.   it’s an incredible success story which we have to assume is true.

Another story detailed  how a young 27 year old completely got rid of his bald patch at the crown of his head after using the shampoo.  Interestingly the story in the article was not told by the gentleman himself,  but by  his girlfriend.

Grow Me shampoo- Amazon reviews

At the time of writing this article,  Grow me shampoo has over 700 customer reviews on Amazon.   And it has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on average.   so clearly, it is well rated buy customers.

57% of users rated this shampoo five stars,  and 14% rated it 1 star.   The people who hated this shampoo highly loved the fact that it either stopped their hair loss or actually regrew their hair.

on the opposing side were people who hated this shampoo. Complaints of lack of results in terms of hair growth,  and dry hair were the most frequent reasons.

The complaint about the dry hair with grow me shampoo is quite interesting.   I can’t really work out which ingredients in this shampoo causes the hair to be dry and brittle.

Final verdict on Grow me shampoo

I think this shampoo is a quality shampoo,  but I don’t think it’s fully proven to regrow hair.   only one ingredient in it has been shown to help with hair regrowth.   having said that,  this shampoo has lots of high quality ingredients that will benefit a range of hair and scalp problems.

I think the shampoo would be excellent for people with dandruff and with a scalp dermatitis.   but to claim that it regrows hair or blocks DHT,  is pushing its credentials too far.

Would I try it? Absolutely YES!

Other hair loss options

Natural Options

For those who prefer to try something more natural, Biogetica is a London-based company who specialise in natural hair loss remedies.  They have an option to consult with a doctor if you like, but you can also buy a product online without any consultations.

Visit Biogetica Now

Another option is Viviscal, which a hair growth supplement for men and women.  A well established brand, which you can find in some pharmacies as well as online. 

Visit Viviscal

Visit Hairmax

This is Hairmax! They offer Shampoo and conditioner range with Saw Palmetto – One of the few proven hair re-growth supplements around.  Just make sure the one you buy contains this.

Click on the “Shop” section to see full hair care range.

Leave any comments or questions below.

Take care

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  1. I wonder if this might work for me. I have had treatment for cancer, both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. My hair came out and very little is left with no sign of regrowing. The treatment finished 6 months ago so would hope that by now there would be some sign of new growth. I am not getting any treatment at the moment.
    My own hair was always very fine and silky soft and at age over 70 it had become less and less over the years.

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